I make a video: My Last Relapse

Surfing your motivation wave!

Highlights from Sean Croxton’s podcast with Dr. Vera Tarman on the subject of food addiction.

Good judgement comes from experience.   Experience comes from bad judgement.

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What Diane said!

What Diane said!

I’m going to be starting the 8-week Slow Down diet which not about what you eat, it’s about you, the eater!

I got my blood work back today, and all I can say is: shut the eff up!! After my 60 days on meat and veggies, my fasting insulin is low, low, low! Yippee!!!

Got 20 minutes? Get better health!
What is lost in that is that fitness is almost certainly more important than fatness. … If you have to choose, choose to be fit, whether you lose weight or not.

Are you a stressed exerciser?

An exercise physiologist friend explained to me that intense exercise can closely mimic the stress response.  Yes, aerobic exercise is great for us and has a long list on wonderful metabolic benefits.  But in the wrong context exercise can wear us down, elevate cortisol and insulin levels, generate inflammatory chemicals, and lock us into a survival metabolism in which we vigorously store fat and arrest the building of muscle. 

Here’s a great (and funny!) PSA on walking! Walk & Talk - The West Wing Reunion